Introducing the Dandelion Flower essence



We all know the Dandelion and its beautiful bright yellow flower. It’s often dismissed as a weed, but in actual fact it’s been used a food source and natural remedy for eons.
So, let’s talk about its signature flower - bright yellow, like the sun. Yellow relates to the intellect and the mental body or the mind. As wonderous as the mind is, it can easily slip into less than optimal states. It really is a delicate balance and flower essences help maintain that balance, which is why we love using them in our products.

               THE DANDELION STATE OF MIND         

Hyper focussing on a goal can put strain on our minds, which makes it difficult to relax and can lead to physical and mental burnout. In this state we’re often irritable, cranky, impatient and wired. As much as you want to turn your
mind off, you can’t – it’s going a hundred miles an hour. Common advice would be to ‘just relax’ or meditate, but that’s easier said than done, especially when you’ve got things to do and you just can’t concentrate.

So instead of unwinding, you might find yourself trying to micromanage things, which leads to stress and physical symptoms such as tight neck and shoulder muscles, which we see in a lot of clients.

 Instant Calm for mind and body

To help quieten and calm the mind, we always recommend Dandelion Flower Essence. When the mind slows down then the body can relax, and all that stress and tension that you’re holding on to can be released.
It’s great to take after sport or exercise to help with recovery, especially if you’ve had an extra strenuous workout. It helps move tension from tight and sore muscles, allowing our energy to flow more freely, which leads to relaxation, creativity and inspiration. 
If you’re booked in for a massage or yoga class, take dandelion flower essence beforehand to really get the most out of the session. It’s an amazing ingredient and one we love working with, which is why we use it in our Instant Calm
formula. We created this blend to help with staying present and feeling more productive at school, work and in general.
With the potent dandelion lending a hand it’s not just possible, but extremely likely that you can find a work-life balance and unlock energy that you didn’t know you had.
"If you've been soaking up too much stress, give yourself a break. Let your body start soaking up some healing energy , too. Love yourself enough to help the body relax " Melody Beattie
Have a great day,
Milena xo