Flower Essences for Kids - A Simple Guide!

Flower essences come in a bottled, liquid form and are taken orally a few drops at a time. They are completely naturally derived, extremely safe and made directly from specially selected flowers. There is NO possibility of a toxic effect because the physical amount of plant substance in the remedy is minute. Infants, children, the elderly and even pets respond positively to well-chosen flower essences with absolutely no side effects like those sometimes experienced using pharmaceutical drugs.

Flower essences act as catalysts for positive change and children are very responsive to them. They can assist children to overcome fear and timidity by unearthing their courage and self-confidence, balance an oversensitivity to their surroundings by improving their overall natural immunity, calm over-reactivity and improve attention, and can even help develop self-esteem.

Tiger Lily:

Everything is a competition for kids needing Tiger Lily and there can only be one winner in their minds!

Tiger Lily helps instill in the child a more win/win attitude when dealing with others especially other siblings. It is a great remedy to help with sibling rivalry.


These kids feel they are not getting their fair share of the attention from parent (s).

Chicory helps them to be more patient and trust that they will get their turn for their needs to be attended to. This is especially useful nowadays when often both parents are working and families run to tight schedules.


These kids are having trouble expressing what they really want.

Cosmos helps a child better understand exactly what they feel they need and also become able to communicate what it is more clearly. As a result what they say can often be quite revealing for parents.


Petunia is great for kids who are trying to break habitual negative behavior patterns. These children often regret the behavior (eg. a tantrum every time a certain situation arises) but don’t seem to be able to break the pattern.

Petunia helps these kids gain a better perspective at these times so they are better able to change or modify how they react.


Zinnia is for the ‘adult’ 5-year-old. These children too easily take responsibility for everything that is going on around them – even their younger siblings. It is often helpful for the eldest child so they can ‘chill out’ and act like the child they are (not an adult) and have some FUN!

Zinnia helps us all not take the world so seriously, enjoy our quality time together and have a laugh.