Calm the Storm for Cats and Dogs
Calm the Storm for Cats and Dogs

Calm the Storm for Cats and Dogs

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Calm the Storm | A natural remedy for the fearful cat or dog

Our beloved pets are hyper-sensitive to their surroundings and observe everyday events much more intensely than us humans.

Calm the Storm is the natural remedy for cats and dogs who associate events like thunderstorms, fireworks, vet visits or car rides with a feeling of intense stress, or who are still dealing with trauma from their stressful past as a rescue pet.

This specifically formulated blend of homeopathics and flower essences relieves your precious pet’s fears and panic attacks without the vet-prescribed medications that so often come with major side effects.

Calm the Storm is designed to gradually grow your pet’s resilience and gives you the peace of mind that you’re supporting your four-legged friend through moments of stress as gently and safely as possible.

Active ingredients:


  • Aconite Complex – Helps your pet calm after sudden shock or trauma and/or eases the nervousness that ‘something’ is about to happen (or happening).
  • Argent Nit Complex – Helps relieve anticipatory anxiety, apprehension and dread, fear or fright and nervous excitability.
  • Chamomile Complex - Helps ease irritability, hypersensitivity and nervous related digestive complaints. It reduces moodiness and creates a more even disposition.
  • Coffea - Helps ease nervousness and restlessness while toning down hyper-vigilance.
  • Gelsemium Complex - Helps with apprehension and dread (anticipatory anxiety), agitational anxiety and emotional over-excitement.
  • Hyoscyamus Complex - Helps ease anxiety and fears of the unfamiliar or being alone.
  • Nux Vomica Complex - Relieves impatience, nervous tension & over-sensitivity.
  • Passiflora Incarnate Complex - Quietens and calms the nervous system with a tonifying effect.
  • Pulsatilla Complex - Eases moodiness and emotional over-excitability.
  • Zinc Valerian – Helps calm and ease hyper-activity and restlessness.

Flower Essences

  • Rock Rose – Calms during a state of panic or alarm puts your pet at ease.
  • Star of Bethlehem – Supports during shock or trauma and promotes acceptance and peace within.
  • Indian Pink (FES) – Helps your pet remain calm amidst increased external stimulation and activity.
  • Nectarine (FES) – Helps your pet ‘let go’ and trust that everything is OK.
  • Crowea (AUS) – Balances emotionally while calming and grounding your pet.
  • Spring Water, ethanol and vegetable glycerine.



  • Anxious, distracted, fearful, highly-strung, hyper-vigilant, impatient, nervous, over-stimulated, restless, traumatised


  • At ease, relaxed, calm and collected, peaceful, recovered, resilient, trusting


Administer 12 drops 4x daily (before meals and at bedtime).
Administer 12 drops every 5 mins for 3 doses.
Administer 12 drops every 10 minutes during stressful situations (until the emergency has passed).
For best results?
Take at least 5 minutes before or after food to guarantee absorption.


Are homeopathics safe for my pet?

Yes. Homeobotanicals are a safe, gentle, non-addictive, and effective way to support our beloved family pets to cope better with behavioural challenges or unpredictable situations.

How many doses will I get out of a bottlle? Each bottle contains roughly 90 doses.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are bioenergetic preparations for healing purposes that capture the energy of a flower using sunlight and water.

This is how it’s done: Harvest a flower, place it on the water surface for a pre-specified length of time and allow the flower to soak up the sunlight. This creates a vibrational imprint of the flower within the water which is then turned into an energetic remedy. Incredibly, each flower comes with its unique therapeutic benefits.

What’s the science behind Flower Essences?

Flower essences hold botanical healing powers that have been known since ancient times. History shows that flower essences were used in ancient Egypt and China and by indigenous peoples in Australia and America. These ancient cultures believed that the dew on native flowers held healing powers. As you consume a flower’s dew the unique healing qualities get to work.

In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach translated this traditional approach into a practical and natural concept. He mapped 37 wildflowers to various emotions and paved the way for today’s take on flower essences. To this day, there’s a growing body of scientific trials conducted by the Flower Essence Society to help us understand even more about the power of flower essences.

What do Orange & Myrtle products taste like?

Flower essences have no taste or smell. But we preserved the essences with alcohol which gives Orange & Myrtle products a subtle, sweet flavour.

How long will it take before I get results from Orange & Myrtle products?

Flower essences start working as soon as your pet ingests the first drop. You usually feel the first noticeable shift within the first 3-4 days. It can take up to 3 weeks for a lasting impact.

Are Orange & Myrtle products safe for allergies?

Yes. Because they contain no physical parts of the plant.

Do Orange & Myrtle products come with side effects?

One of the many benefits of Orange & Myrtle products is that they can be taken without any side effects by the whole family, including your pets. Homeobotanicals are potent formulations that get results without common side effects of over-the-counter alternatives.

Are Orange & Myrtle products safe to take with other medications my pet is on?

Yes. Orange & Myrtle products are safe to take with other medications, but we always recommend consulting your vet before taking your first dose.

How do I know which Orange & Myrtle product is right for my pet?

There’s no one size fits all approach to flower essences. Each flower serves a different purpose. If you need a helping hand, simply book a personal consultation or contact us here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jill Vescovo
Calm The Storm

My 12 year old dog Lizzie had massive thunderstorm anxiety and started shaking, pacing and panting even when it rained. Over the years I had tried a thunderstorm coat, a pheromone diffuser, loud music, drugs from the vet, nothing helped. Calm The Storm has been a game changer, she barely notices the thunder and rain, sleeps through all of it now, it's a miracle.

Ashley King
Calm the Storm For Cats & Dogs

After 8 yrs of trialing many products, this is the first time a product has made a noticeable impact. Its truly changed life when Storms are present. After a double dose Calm, my collie is able to lay and mostly relax during a Storm. I've even seen her fall asleep a couple times, which has never happened during a Storm. Very thankful and grateful for this product 🙏

Mirta Outeda
Calm the Storm.

Hi Milena,Annie my dog, said thanks this drops are helping .For the moment we can't said that Annie's problems are completely over, she still getting anxious about some noices but there is an improvement, she is expending more time outside than before.We are happy with the drops and if she keeps improving I will ask for more, thanks you very much.

Lindsay Reibelt
Not received as yet.

I woukd like to review but we have not received the item as yet.
Thank you

Hello Lindsay,

Thanks for letting me know. I checked your tracking number, your order was sent on January the 4th and it seems Australia Post keeps sending it to South Australia and then redirecting it.
It’s in South Australia again at the moment. I will send you a an email now with your tracking history, please check your junk folder.
In the meantime I will send out another product express post.

Tanya Cardamone
Freddie’s calmer! So am I!

My Maltese Shih Tzu Freddie suffers anxiety and shakes when she’s in the car. I give her the required amount of drops about 15 mins before going anyway and she seems to just sit or lay down in the car with out the trembling. She also would run outside barking when a storm hit but now I give her the drops as recommended when I know the storm is coming and this again helps the trembling. And she hasn’t run outside for our last 2 storms! Thanks Orange & Myrtle. Freddie and I are both living a calmer life… highly recommend.

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